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Porum Schools will be administering the ACT Test in April instead of the SAT as our College Career-Readiness Assessment in lieu of Statewide Assessments.There will be a meeting Wednesday, September 23 at 5:00 in the School Library to notify the public of Porum’s decision to administer the ACT. If you would like to discuss or have questions this would be a good time to address them. 


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ACT Test Security and Identification Enhancements for 2012–2013

ACT, Inc.—a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success—is implementing additional safeguards to further ensure ACT score integrity and meet students in the advanced technological world in which they live today.

ACT is committed to providing students a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate their independent academic achievement, and we review preventive measures on an ongoing basis to ensure every reasonable effort is made to deter and detect potential compromises to test security while still enabling the greatest possible access for students. The new procedures are a part of this ongoing effort.

The following enhancements will safeguard a level playing field for all test takers and help ensure the continued integrity of ACT score results:

  • Students will upload or otherwise submit (via ACT website, mobile device, or mail) a recognizable head-and-shoulders photo of themselves when registering for the ACT.
  • The photo will be printed on the student's ticket, which the student will be required to bring to the test center in order to be admitted.
  • The student's photo will also be printed on the examinee roster that testing staff use to check in students on test day.
  • In addition to their ticket, students will be required to bring and present an acceptable photo ID on test day.
  • On test day, test center staff will match the name and photo on the student’s ticket, the test center roster, and the student’s photo ID to the student who arrives to take the test before granting the student admission.
  • In addition to submitting a photo, students will provide ACT with their gender and identify the name of the high school they attend. ACT will use this information to help match the examinee’s identity throughout the testing process.
  • Both before and after testing, students will provide written affirmation that they are the person whose name appears on the test booklet and answer sheet which they have submitted. They will also acknowledge that assuming anyone else’s identity to take the test may be a violation of law and be subject to legal penalty.
  • ACT will visit test centers to conduct enhanced test security procedures on test day, including collecting images of examinees during check-in and/or other security activities.
  • After tests have been scored, the student’s photo will be printed on the score report that will be automatically sent to the high school attended by the student. Score integrity can then be reinforced by the people who know the students best—the teachers and counselors at their schools.
  • To deter attempts to circumvent these procedures, students (including those who hope to test on a standby basis) will be required to register their intent to test and will not be allowed to make any test center or test date changes on the day of the test.

ACT—like the vast majority of students—understands the importance of honest test scores. We also know the importance of ensuring that students maintain access to the educational opportunities which the ACT test provides. Our enhanced procedures will help us continue to achieve both objectives.

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