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Students that are Juniors and Seniors need to be taking the ACT Test to receive a score. This score is used by colleges and universities to admit students to their school. This score is also used by many colleges and universities to award students scholarships. For Juniors it allows them to Concurrent  Enroll while in high school and receive college credit if they score a 21 composite or higher. Seniors may concurrent enroll with a 19 composite or higher on the ACT. NO student will be allowed to enroll into a college or university without an ACT Score.  The following is a link to enroll for an ACT test : .  Sophomores who are wanting to do concurrent enrollment as a Junior will need to take an ACT towards the end of their sophomore year. The following is the Minimum ACT Score to get into colleges and Universities:

Oklahoma State University                                                                        24 ACT

University of Oklahoma                                                                              24 ACT

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma                                          24 ACT

Regional Universities (NSU, ECU, Etc)                                                  20 ACT

Community Colleges                                                                                 No minimum required. But must take the ACT Test


On the Scholarship page there are several different kinds of scholarships.  The first link is a list of scholarships and private foundational awards. Some of the web sites or dates may have changed so please check them often.  I have also added several college and university links to the scholarship page that link you directly to those college and university scholarships. I listed the most asked about colleges and universities. If there is a place that is not listed and you are interested in their scholarships please notify me and I will do my best to get the information for you.  Please note that most of these colleges and universities have a deadline date of FEBRUARY 1 for all applications to be in their hands. After this date most will not award scholarships if they do not have your application on or before the deadline date.

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