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APRIL 12                 8th Math                8:30 Hs Lab

APRIL 13                 8th History            8:30 HS Lab

                                  7th Geography     Mr Pitman and Mrs. Frabnklin

APRIL 14                 US HISTORY       8:30 HS Lab, Mr Pitman, Mrs Franklins

APRIL 15                 Geometry             8:30 HS LAb, Mrs Franklin, Mr Pitman

APRIL 18                 English II& III     8:30 HS LAB, Mrs Franklin, Mr Pitman, Mr. Womack

APRIL 20                 English II & III    8:30 HS Lab, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Pitman, Mr Womack

APRIL 25                 Algebra I              8:30 HS Lab, Mrs. Franklin

April 26                    7th Math              8:30 Mr. Pitman and Mrs. Franklin

                                  8th Science          HS Lab

APRIL 27                 7th Reading         8:30 Mr Pitman, and Mrs. Franklin

                                  8th Reading         HS Lab

                                  Alg II                    Mr Womack

May 3                      Bio I                      8:30 HS Lab and Mrs Franklin’s and Mr Pitman






March 30             English II              8:25 Am High School Lab

March 31             Algebra I

                           Algebra II             8:25 Am High School Lab

April 5                 Biology I             8:25 AM High School Lab

April 6                 US History          8:25 AM High School Lab


 Spring 2015 Option Re-Test Window Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday April 1  8:30 a.m.  HS lab                             Algebra II

                                                                                          Pittman’s Lab                      English III

                                                                           12:20 pm  HS Lab                             Algebra I

                                      Tuesday April 7     8:30 a.m. HS Lab                                Biology I

                                                                                           Pittman’s Lab                    US History

                                      Wednesday April 8  8:30 a.m. HS Lab                            Geometry

                                                                                              Pittman’s Lab                 Eng II


For those students who need to retest on an EOI Exam the following tests will be on the dates listed below starting at 8:30 am:

Tuesday December 9         @ 8:30 am English II High School Lab

                                           @ 12:30 pm American History High School Lab

Wednesday December 10 @ 8:30 am English III High School Lab

                                           @ 12:30 pm Geometry High School Lab

Thursday December 11     @ 8:30 am Algebra I MR. Pittman's Lab

                                           @ 8:30 am Algebra II High School Lab

Friday December 16          @ 8:30 am Biology I High School Lab

Students need to be on Time and ready to test on the above dates.





The Explore Test that is given to the 8th grade will be Wednesday, September 18. This test will be given to all 8th graders at the Church.

The Plan Test that is given to the 10th grade will be given October 23 at the church.


Those students that have not past their EOI's specifically in the areas of Math and English. The Mukogee Indain Capital Technolgy Center offers a WorkKeys exam for a small fee that maybe used as and Alternate test. For more Information go See Mrs. Wheat.