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Elementary Student Council

Election results:  It was a close race.  Sorry I was unable to tell the results at school.  Your STUCO officers for 2014-2015 are:

Kaytie C.--President

Blane S.--Vice-President

Emmah W.--Sec/Treas

Sierra D.--Reporter


I want all the candidates who ran to know that you did an awesome job.  I wish all of you could have won.  I hope you're excited to get started this year.  Our first meeting will be Sept. 2 @ noon in the library.  Come ready to embark on a great year.


STUCO Advisor

April H.

                                              ELEMENTARY STUCO


Members for 2014-2015 are:


4th                                             5th                                               6th

Ashlynn A.                                               Jayden C.                                                 Alaysia B.                             

Payton H..                                                Roy D.                                                      Kaytie C.

Cadge M.                                                  Sierra D.                                                    Kenly H.

RiLee M.                                                  Tanner F.                                                   Gavin L.

Blane S.                                                   Zabre P.                                                    Kaden P.

Jace S.                                                    Emmah W.