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Elementary Student Council

Elementary Student Council


The new Student Council members for this year are:


4th grade:  Koi B., Cooper F., Keira R., and Jaelyn S.

5th grade:  Raya K., Chase M., Lizzy M., Graci P., Kolby P., Braydan R., and                              Cameren T.

6th grade:  Jordan C., Payton H., Rawley K., RiLee M., Brayden St., GracieT., and                    Anna T.


     Hello, my name is Brayden Stinnett.  I will be your 2016-2017 Elementary Student Council reporter.  I am very excited to be able to pass on information to everyone throughout the year about upcoming activities.  I would like to take this oppportunity to introduce to you the remaining officers for student council this year.

President:  RiLee M.

Vice-President:  Rawley K.

Secretary/Treasurer:  Raya K.

Reporter:  Brayden S.

     One of the priorities in student council is to start recycling.  We have already placed recycling bins outside in front of the playground.  We would like to ask everyone to start using them and help us improve the environment and our school.