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Melissa Smith

Mrs. Smith's 6th Grade Class!


As always I am super excited about the upcoming school year! A new year means new beginnings and fresh starts. I always enjoy seeing my returning fifth graders who are now super sixth graders and the leaders of the elementary. With that role comes a whole new set of responsibilities. I am a firm believer that every student is responsible for their own actions and everyone contributes to the atmosphere in a classroom. I expect all of my students to try their best at EVERYTHING they attempt. The end result may not be perfection, but the hard work and determination applied makes it a true learning experience. My goal as a teacher this year is to encourage my students to be responsible, willing, open-minded, goal-oriented learners. I know we can achieve this goal by working together!  Communication between parents, students, and myself is crucial for a successful and exciting school year. Let the learning begin! 


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