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6th Grade Reading Assignments


Monday--Spectrum pages 30 and 31. Skill lesson: seqential order and following directions pages 58 and 60.  Writing activity- Choice of Prompt 1 or 2.

Prompt 1:  What bugs you? Write a passage about some of the things that bug you the most. Be sure to give examples and explain why these things bug you and what you would do to change them.

Prompt 2:  Everyone has an idea of what they would like to do when they "grow up." Think about the career you would like to have when you finish school. Think about why you would like to have this career.  Write a paper explaining what career you would like to have when you "grow up."  Explain at least three reasons why this is what you would like to do.  Use specific details to explain and support your reasons. Use adjectives and descriptive words to make your paper interesting to read.

Tuesday--Computer Lab! Students must complete two PASSKEY lessons and then they may research lighthouses and type their report which is DUE THURSDAY!

Wednesday - - Library times:  boys-12:30-1:00   girls-1:30.The students are responsible 5 genres

Thursday-- LIGHTHOUSES DUE!  Read reports orally.

Friday--No school! Teacher Professional Day.


I will display the lighthouses somewhere in the hallway on Thursday for everyone to enjoy. Please come see the creative work of our super sixth graders!